How to draw a Celtic border

How to draw a Celtic border

Celtic knots fascinate me so I have been working on breaking down one of these patterns in order to show you how to draw a Celtic border. One step at a time I must confess that I found this task challenging! I have broken down the process into bite size instructions so that you can … Read more

Woven Star Pattern

Woven Star Pattern - tangle Inspiration

Hi everyone! Have you ever been stuck for ideas to inspire your Zentangle® inspired art? In this blogpost I demonstrate how to use a woven star pattern as a framework in which you can add your tangles. What is a woven star pattern? A woven star is a pattern sometimes used as a quilting block. … Read more

Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Instead of making a Valentine’s Day Card, join me with this Zentangle® art project to make a cool Flexagon. Make Origami Flexagon For this project you will need an A4 sized piece of card stock pencil, pens, ruler, scissors a quick drying craft glue For a detailed step by step instruction on how to make … Read more

Zentangle® Inspired Art – Composition

One of the questions I see often within the Zentangle® Community is How can I improve the composition of my art? Before I begin and get into the nitty gritty of formal art composition remember this: If your art looks good, it is good. There are lots of articles on the internet or in books … Read more

Watercolour Pencil Tutorial

In this tutorial I share with you some tips on using watercolour pencils. Materials                   I used someFaber Castell watercolour pencils  that I have had for a long time along with a couple of pencils that came with sone of the project packs from the official Zentangle® … Read more

Glass Engraving for Beginners

If you have been looking for a simple project to practice your glass engraving skills, follow my step by step process of how I engrave some Zentangle® inspired patterns onto a wine glass Glass Engraving machine In this project I use a Foredom® K.1070 Micromotor Kit Glass Engraving Equipment It is important to use safety … Read more

Unique gift idea

If you have been looking for novelty gift ideas that you can make yourself, this idea is easy, cheap and doesn’t take up too much of your time. Scratch lottery Ticket Here I will outline, step by step, the process of making a scratch lottery ticket. Before we start thinking about what materials to use … Read more

Engraving on Glass

I was first introduced to glass engraving by watching a video advertisement and was fascinated by the effects that can be created on glass products. My daughter bought me an engraving tool and I started to experiment with this beautiful art. At first I created custom designs for my family and friends but  then I … Read more

Tips on Shading

Shading Techniques with Pencil When I first started creating Zentangle art, I was confused about how to shade each piece. If Zentangle art is non representational, do the principles for shading that apply to other artwork still apply? The answer is both yes and no. You can of course create a light source and use … Read more


I learned to crochet in my teenage years. Most of what I saw of crochet back in the 70’s were the familiar granny square type of blankets. Of course there were also the finer pieces, like doilies and intricate tablecloths but these were way out of my realm of contemplation. I produced a few simple … Read more