Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Instead of making a Valentine’s Day Card, join me with this Zentangle® art project to make a cool Flexagon.

Make Origami Flexagon

For this project you will need

  • an A4 sized piece of card stock
  • pencil, pens, ruler, scissors
  • a quick drying craft glue

For a detailed step by step instruction on how to make this project follow along with my YouTube tutorial here:

Cover your origami flexion with lots of Zentangle Inspired Art.

Have fun!

2 thoughts on “Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Idea”

  1. Hi Tracy ,

    I have been following your you tube and blog posts for sometime and it’s wonderful to see so much creativity. I teach mandala art to my students and was wondering if I can use your patterns(from utube and blog) for sharing the beauty of zentangle with my students as well as for my personal usage. Of course I will be giving the due Credits and sharing your channels with them . Let me know if it’s ok to do that.

    I also see that you have shared tangle patterns links with us , I found those very inspiring and feel like using them in my own work in an imaginative way , but not sure if I can do that .
    Please help me understand this that when zentangle patterns are shared by czts, are we allowed to use them for personal drawing , let’s say making a card etc or teaching them to anyone..

    Thankyou for your time.
    And thanks for sharing your wonderful work with us

    • Hello Ananya, thank you for your interest and support. I started my YouTube channel so that I could inspire other artists interested in the Zentangle®️ Method.
      In response to your questions…
      Zentangle, Inc does have guidelines on copyright and how you can use their brand. I would advise that you become familiar with these by going to their website. https://zentangle.com/pages/trademarks-copyrights-and-patent

      I am perfectly fine with you using my work as inspiration and using it to share with your students.
      You may use tangle patterns in your own work and personal drawing.
      If you’re going to print, publish or sell tangle patterns and/or their steps, you must obtain permission from the creator (copyright holder) first.

      For more information about using tangles there is a good article on tangle patterns.com here is the link


      I hope this clears things up a little for you.


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