How to draw a Celtic border

Celtic knots fascinate me so I have been working on breaking down one of these patterns in order to show you how to draw a Celtic border.

One step at a time

I must confess that I found this task challenging! I have broken down the process into bite size instructions so that you can follow along. Try not to get overwhelmed, take a deep breath and tackle this border by taking one step at a time.

Step out instructions

I have prepared a PDF with diagrams showing each step of the pattern for you to download. It may help to print this out so that you have a reference or save it on your device so that you can zoom in on each step. Have your step-out handy while you follow me as I demonstrate this pattern on my YouTube video. You can pause the video at any stage if I go too quickly.
click on the pictures to download the PDF version of each page.

How to draw a Celtic border p1 How to draw a Celtic Border p2

Video Tutorial

Here is a link to my video tutorial.

How to draw a Celtic Border

How did you go?

I hope you were able to successfully draw the border. If it didn’t work out the first time, keep practising. Use a sketchbook to draw part of the border until you get the hang of it.

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