Silk Painting

Silk painting is a relaxing and beautiful art form. The colours produced are brilliant, vibrant and translucent. When paints or dyes are applied to the silk, the fabric will remain silky soft to the touch.


Click on the link to see some of my original silk paintings in my silk painting gallery


Hand dyed or painted silk can be used in many ways from wearable art and home furnishings to framed art.

Silk Painting Techniques

There are a variety of techniques that artists can use to express themselves when painting on silk:

  • Use of resists with gutta and/or wax
  • Special effects using salt, alcohol, water sprays.

Silk Painting Process

  • Prepare your design
  • Stretch the silk onto a frame
  • Apply gutta or resist
  • Paint on silk with silk paint or dyes
  • Set the colour – depending on the product used, the colour needs to be set by heat or steam.