Unique gift idea

If you have been looking for novelty gift ideas that you can make yourself, this idea is easy, cheap and doesn’t take up too much of your time.

Scratch lottery Ticket

Here I will outline, step by step, the process of making a scratch lottery ticket.

Before we start thinking about what materials to use we need to think about the recipient of the gift.

If the gift is for a friend or a loved one, the gift needs to be appropriate for them. What does this person value? If they work hard and are tired and weary, a massage might be appreciated. Here are some ideas:

  • Household chores – washing dishes, cleaning, car wash etc
  • Date night at a fancy restaurant
  • Massage
  • Pamper day

If you have bought an expensive gift or one that is too big to gift wrap, the lottery ticket could be a ruse so that the recipient thinks they are only getting a greeting card. Once they scratch off the lottery ticket a picture of their actual gift is exposed.

You may want to use this scratchy as a lucky door prize at a party or a class you are teaching or as a prize for a game.


Now you know what the message on your lottery ticket will be, you can make a judgement of the size this ticket needs to be.

You wil need:

  • Light card
  • Pencil, pens, scissors, paintbrush.
  • Clear sticky tape, contact paper or laminating film
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Silver or any other metallic acrylic paint

Zentangle® Border

Measure a border on your card with enough space in the centre to write what your prize is. Alternatively, you could draw a picture of the prize or glue on a picture of the prize.

In the space you left for a border decorate with Zentangle patterns. You can use any Zentangle basic patterns. Look at my Zentangle Inspired Gallery here for inspiration or check out tanglepatterns.com for a library of tangles with step outs.

Protect the message

The message on the card will need to be protected so that it doesn’t scratch off. You can cover the message with clear sticky tape, clear contact paper or laminate the whole thing.

Here are some cards that I created:

Adding paint

Mix up a solution of dishwashing liquid and paint in the following ratio:

1 part Dishwashing liquid

2 parts acrylic paint

Paint over your message with the paint. The first coat will barely cover the message. Let dry then add the next coat.

You will need several coats of paint. Keep adding coats until the message underneath is no longer visible.

Your scratch lottery card is finished!

if you want to watch how to make a scratchy, follow along with this instructional video.

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